Vella Bioscience

I jumped in with the startup Vella Bioscience from September 2023 through February 2024 as their interim Head of Marketing.

I was brought in a month after their new CEO took over. My time at Vella was this transitionary period, as Carolyn worked to reposition the company. The marketing challenge involved staying true to prior brand guidelines while preparing for a full-scale rebrand. When I joined, all marketing work was outsourced to partner agencies. I helped them begin the process of hiring internally and building a team.


One of the first projects I supported was a revamp of the website. I led content strategy improvements and rewrote most of the website copy. Otherward did the design. In the 3 months following the launch of the new website, conversion rate rose from around 4.2% to a consistent 6.7+%.

Websites are always changing, so here are PDFs of the website after we finished it.

Home Page // PDP 1 // PDP 2 // PDP 3 // All Products // Science Page // Consortium Page

Instagram Reskin

When I joined, the CEO had just let go of Vella’s ad and social content agency. With little initial content support, I imagined the Instagram grid as a “second website landing page”. The strategy was to focus on Meta ads, Reels, and influencer/creator content that might drive back to the grid. From there, they can go to the website. I led content strategy, wrote the copy, and hired and managed the designer for this project.

Explainer Video

I ideated, produced, and directed this content shoot with Dr. Harin Padma-Nathan and Dr. Nicole Prause. I sourced, hired, project managed, and creative directed the DP and editor. This video’s goal is to explain the Consortium to any potential medical partners. It lives evergreen on the website.

Password: vella

Organic Social Content

I managed the social accounts during my time at Vella. (E.g. posting, captions, comment replies, DMs, etc.) Focus was on Instagram and TikTok.

During the aforementioned content shoot, we captured “SEO-style” Q&A videos with Dr. Nicole Prause. Goal here was to begin setting Vella up as a leading expert on the science of female sexual pleasure within SEO-driven content spaces like TikTok and YouTube Shorts. For some reason, embedding isn’t working so please click the links to watch. I’ll get back to this and fix it...

I also led the creation of these little update-style reels. I would concept and write them before passing them off to the designer.

Meta Ads

When I joined, Vella had been running the same Meta ads for over 6 months. With Vella’s new science-first positioning in mind, I created these standard static ads alongside the designer. I also used Billo to quickly get some UGC into the funnel.

Here are some of the static + story ads.


Here are some of the UGC ads.

Password: one

Password: two

AI-Generated Images

I discovered the company Qreates on Twitter. Qreates is an AI-generated product image platform. Essentially, they make 3D models of your product that you can then drop into any AI-generated image. So we’d generate images with Midjourney then place the product into the shot. Here are some of the results.


Vella parted ways with their performance agency in December 2023 and we began building the operations internally.

In my last few months I led the email content calendar. I conceived of the weekly emails, wrote the emails, and creative directed alongside Vella’s incredible freelance designer, who is responsible for a lot of the work you see on this page. Over 50% of emails had double the open rate compared to before we brought them in house.

Additionally, I helped begin the process of redoing the baseline email flows like post-purchase flow, abandon cart, etc. 

Here are some of the emails.