Genexa Animal Crossing Activation

Genexa is the world’s first “clean” medicine company. They’re a start-up disrupting brands like Advil and TUMS by making their medicine with the active ingredients people need, and none of the artificial ones (e.g. high fructose corn syrup, dyes) people don’t.

My partner Jojo and I put together decks explaining gaming and its marketing potential to our teammates at co:collective. We then brought this idea to the client and broke down the financial considerations necessary to bring it to life. Jojo and I executed this activation as an addition to Genexa’s larger “Ditch The Dirty” campaign.

TL;DR: We taught Animal Crossing players about Genexa using a creative microinfluencer campaign, in-game activation, and subsequent giveaway.

We created a “smear campaign” against the game’s sole shop owner and medicine maker, Tom Nook. Then we partnered with MS1 to spread the word through Animal Crossing microinfluencers.

Jojo and I co-wrote the video. I then edited it while she developed the full in-game island experience.


We also played the role of media strategists by recommending additional channels and influencers. In addition to the above campaign, we partnered with AbdallahSmash026, who livestreamed and toured our island. Moderators of AC Discord servers also sent out push notifications that drove to Genexa’s IG account.

Hundreds of people toured the island and entered the giveaway by sharing their experience on their accounts. In total, the campaign uniquely engaged over 200,000 people on a budget of only $5,000.

Here is some very wholesome unsolicited feedback by people.