Instagram + TikTok

A few things I’ve made for fun over the years.

This TikTok will have no effect on you if you are not a Phoebe Bridgers fan.

Here’s some abstract art stuff I made a while ago. It’s not necessarily good, but it is a vibe!


In 2018 — before TikTok reigned supreme — people were beginning to watch videos with their phones turned upwards instead of sideways. I saw a future where this was the norm, and so did Instagram.

At the time, I was very excited by the launch of Instragram TV and the future of portrait-first content, so I made this abstract little diddy.

For best experience, watch in full screen on a phone.


A month into quarantine I was reading the Wall Street Journal and felt overwhelmed, so I made this.

For best experience, watch in full screen on a phone.

I used to make some stuff on Instagram too but I’ve since archived it which isn’t very useful for you. If you really wanna see it let me know I can unarchive and send.

I also asked my followers over 1,000 very intrusive polls over the past few years. But I’ve gotten rid of those as well. Again, not useful.

Heaven is a place on Earth and that place is the Olive Garden in Times Square.

I transformed into a waffle. It’s a long story. I’m happy to tell it to you another time.
The video is on my TikTok, but I originally made it for Instagram grid which is why it is a square.