Broadway Marketing

During my tenure at RPM, I created a wide variety of work as the only copywriter on staff.

Clients: Hamilton, Moulin Rouge, Chicago, Waitress, Second Stage Theater, The Cher Show, Big Apple Circus, Mike Birbiglia’s The New One.

Challenge: Create a campaign that didn’t reveal anything about the show and didn’t rely solely on the method of pulling quotes from reviews (a common strategy for Broadway).

Insight: While reading tweets from people who saw the show off-Broadway, I noticed the word “GO” a lot. So we contacted Mike’s influential friends and asked for “GO” permission.

I also ran the social pages for @TheNewOne. Most posts were written and conceived by myself, then produced by our designers.

I was also part of the team that creates and writes for the Moulin Rouge social pages, @MoulinRougeBway.

I co-wrote the treatment for the “Come What May” video, and helped see it through from execution to post-production. The video received nice coverage and a retweet by Lin-Manuel Miranda.

Here’s some website copy for Hamilton: The Exhibition, because everyone loves Hamilton.

I had the pleasure of interviewing a good amount of Broadway talent. Here’s a quick content piece we made with Chris Evans.

I wrote the website copy for various Broadway shows. For The Cher Show, I also helped write and design a chatbot (which no longer exists on the site).